Guisborough Evangelical Church

Loving and serving God, sharing His love in Jesus

Our Church Name

If you are visiting the area, looking for a church in which to grow, or just curious about Christianity then we are here for you.

Let’s explain our church name:

Guisborough we are here for anyone and everyone in Guisborough and the surrounding area.


Evangelicalthis simply means that we believe the “Good News” about God’s great love to us in Jesus Christ his Son and we want to share that good news.  


Church a church is about people, not a building.  We are a mixed bunch who enjoy meeting together to praise God. We are learning how to grow more like Christ and how to share God’s love with those around us. 

View of Westgate, Guisborough

  • 10-12 Fountain Street
  • Guisborough
  • TS14 6PP